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Rooster Donington Park. 22 – 23 July 2017.

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Race 1: 

A very sunny race 1. Lots of grip on the circuit.
Luke is feeling very very confident with the race ahead. ‘In the zone’ started 8th and finished 8th .
After battling with other competitors luke had a slight ‘grassy’ moment and unfortunately got caught up.
So, for race 2 luke is looking forward to starting 4th.

Race 2:

Luke started P4 on the grid.
The conditions were rainy and slippery with the track extra greasy.
Luke had a slight off on the first corner as he could not get enough front end grip, sadly luke had a couple of visits to the grass for the next lap.
Scary moment for Taylor.
Luke came out of redgate corner, but scarily the steering locked and sent luke in an 80mph slide into the barrier and onto its side.
The race was red flagged immediately and luke was rushed into an ambulance and sent straight to the medical centre.
Luke said…“as soon as the wheels locked and I started sliding on the wet grass, I knew there was nothing I could do. I looked at the fence and thought that’s not straight and at that moment the truck tipped back onto all 6 wheels” 
Thankfully luke is okay but king Klaus is looking a bit battered. Once the truck was recovered we were able to look at the damage and evaluate the situation. Front axel had come out, steering arms snapped, dampers broken, shockers in bits, major cab damage, engine and gearbox mountings bent, and much more…
We would like to thank the marshals, medical team and the staff at Donington Park for their efforts this weekend.

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