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Rooster Truck Racing: The Story.

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Team Profile



Luke Taylor (nickname Rooster).
Luke is in the driving seat for team Rooster, an avid racing and diesel enthusiast, it’s quite clear that truck racing was meant for him. Beginning his racing career in 2010 – his first appearance was at the mighty Nurburgring – that took some guts – which Luke has plenty of! A naturally, very talented driver, this young gun has lots more to give!

David Taylor. 
Dave is the backbone of the operation, he lives, breathes and sleeps truck racing. As owner and MD of TTX, a family run, nationwide haulage Distribution Company, based in Oldham – Dave keeps himself busy. Rooster Racing began as a hobby, but like with everything, Dave has big dreams for the future of the team, and the sport itself.

Lisa Taylor.
Wife to Dave, and mum to Luke. Her role is to keep the boys in line; she has her work cut out for her!!

The story of Rooster

A little spark from a neuron inside Dave’s brain; this is where Rooster Racing began.

Dave was introduced to truck racing, way back in 1987. ‘Diesel, fumes, noise, speed and power… what could be better?’ thought a ‘slightly’ younger Dave.

TTX Atki and Racer

Re-introduced again to the sport in 2009, Dave began taking more of an interest, getting to know the sport, the teams, and allowing his mind to wander into thoughts of his son, Luke, taking the wheel in one of these monster machines (now with a lot less fumes than the old days – it’s all about being eco- friendly) and here, the real story of Rooster begins…

Luke achieved his racing license, and jumped in the seat of a racing truck at Nurburgring in the summer of 2010. If you can jump in a truck, and race it for the first time, alongside 20+ other trucks on the grid, with a crowd of over 200,000 spectators… you can pretty much do anything!!


So came the birth of TTX Motorsport – sourcing a truck of their own, TTX motorsport began racing in the 2011 British Truck Racing Championship. Luke gained experience and knowledge of the sport, and began to develop his own style of smooth, but effective racing.

Along comes ‘Kermit’. Kermit was a purpose built, Renault race truck. The team took a trip over to the Czech Republic to visit Team Frankie Racing and to check out this amazing piece of equipment. Having the truck delivered on a frosty evening mid-November of 2011.

TTX Motorsport ran ‘Kermit’ for two great seasons, however, Dave and Luke had much bigger dreams…and it was decided, they needed a newer, more competitive truck! Not willing to settle, the team waited for the perfect truck. In the meantime Luke drove for another team to further his experience and skillset – this kept the fire in his belly slowly burning.

In the winter of 2015, it was uncovered that there may be an ex MKR Technology Renault  racing truck, so with a little digging and a dab of discussion, the deal was done. Now team ‘Rooster Truck Racing’ – name derived from an earlier nickname Luke gained due to having strawberry blonde or ‘ginger’ hair – were well and truly back in the game for the 2016 season!

Fired up and raring to hit the track, the team, along with their fantastic new sponsors have been working hard to ensure the truck is ready for the first meeting on Easter weekend.

The 2016 season is not to be missed! Watch out, watch out – Team Roosters about!



Web: http://gtruck.co.uk/racing/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/roostertruckracing

Twitter: @RoosterTruck

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